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Welcome pinball enthusiasts from all over the world!

If you’ve come here to order something, there’s no store. Click on the icon in the lower left corner to chat to me about it first. I assure you the experience is going to be a lot better.

 I am and I am a pirate (with a chest full of treasures), a pinball collector, a modder, and an artist as some have called me in the past. Although, I am not sure if the latter is the correct term in my case, because I collaborate with other artists on some of the projects. Pinball and Arcades are my favorite hobbies. I also do software development, app development, electronics, raster and vector art design, web design, video and sound editing. Sometimes, I make music with the use of synthesizers, which I also collect. I am also into retro computers, especially home computers, from the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. When it comes to pinball, I am not a great player, but at least occasionally, I am pretty good at pinball restoration, design and redesign of Translites, Backglasses, Decals, Side Blades, Speaker Panels and everything else that’s related to pinball or arcade game artwork. Having a moderate OCD, I am obsessed with quality, and I love exploring new printing technologies, as well as pinball modding ideas. Some say, I’ve mastered the art of remastering and improving the original Translies in the digital world, making alternate versions, and making multi-layered glass prints, which often feature some interesting special effects usually not seen in the pinball world.

If you’ve come to my website, the chances are you’re looking for something to improve your pinball machine. Or, perhaps you have an idea you’d like implemented, but you lack the resources to get it done. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. I strongly encourage you to join my Slack Club at the link below (it’s free). It is a private place, where I can discuss topics openly without censorship, trolls, and haters. And, you can buy or trade some pinball related products with me in there as well.

Feel free to explore my website and if you have any questions, use one of the options to contact me directly. I am almost always available.

 [email protected]

 WPC ROM Validator & Patcher
 Serial Number Label Maker

I prefer to communicate in English, but it is also possible to chat with me in German, Polish, French, Spanish, and Italian.

I speak and write US English, hence the use of American flags to indicate that the text you read, from your point of view, will be full of spelling mistakes.

Bienvenue! J'apprends encore le français, mais je peux communiquer en français grâce à un traducteur.

Xianek's Products and Services

 Thanks to my supporters the catalog of products grows constantly and currently includes: Side Blades or Art Blades (on Decal, PET G, or on Polycarbonate), Mirror Blades, Translites on Backlight Film, Backglasses on tempered glass, and Translites on PET G with or without black mask, and with or without special effects such as cutouts, or translucent elements; PCBs, fluorescent plastic protectors (FLUOs), Posters, Roll-ups, Keychains, Stickers, Pinball Gadgets, Cabinet Decals, including easily applicable and easily removable decals on Gekkon-like material, Pin Cards (including magnetic ones), Aprons, custom pinball makeover kits, and all kinds of data files. Click on the collage image to view my portfolio.

A note on Translites: With the current technology, there is no cost effective way to make a Translite like it used to be made from celluloid film. For this reason alone, your original Translite is precious because it cannot be recreated today using the same technology. However, if you need a replacement, you usually get a replica. Most replicas are just scanned original Translites and printed on white backlight foil. My philosophy is that since I can’t make the translite 100% true to the original anymore, I might as well improve or change something about it. Therefore, I remaster it. I scan it at high DPI, retouch it, redraw some parts, modify some parts, vectorize elements that are not too complex, like a logo for example, add some special effects, like transparency or translucency, mask out some parts where I don’t want the light to penetrate the Translite, and then I get it printed on a professional equipment with multiple passes of the printing head over the material to achieve extreme contrasts and colors. In the end, I don’t call it a "repo". I call it "remastered", because the final result often surpasses the original. The quality is extremely important to me, while the cost is not.

Popular Products
Basic Translite
High quality front print on white Backlight PET Foil 275g (budget option)
35,00 €
Premium Translite
High quality, multilayered rear print on clear transparent PET G 0,5 mm with protective foil on the front. Excellent contrasts. Most special effects are possible, i.e. score windows, blockout layer, translucent colors, transparencies, hidden elements that become visible when illuminatged, etc.
75,00 €
High quality, multilayered rear print on opti-fine 4 mm thick crystal clear tempered glass with machine seemed edges. Excellent contrasts. Resilient to scratching. All special effects are possible, i.e. score windows, blockout layer, translucent colors, transparencies, hidden elements that become visible when illuminatged, etc. This is a real glass.
170,00 €
WPC Speaker Panel
High quality, multilayered rear print on 2 mm thick crystal clear polycarbonate with or without black blockout layer. Excellent contrasts. Optionally, it is possible to illuminate the entire panel or selected parts.
50,00 €
HIPS Mirror Blades
Available for all pinball machines in three colors: Silver Mirror, Gold Mirror, and Highly Reflective Black. Made of High Impact Polystyrene, these blades are tough with high impact strength and can be easily cut, guillotined, punched, routered or sawn. HIPS mirror is a perfect mirror unlike polished steel. These can be easily mounted using double-sided tape.
60,00 €
PET G Side Blades
Printed using the same technology and material as Premium Translites. These are high quality side blades with glossy and reflective surface. These can be easily mounted using double-sided tape.
75,00 €
Cabinet Decals
High quality digital print on 100 micron white glossy foil with additional UV laminate. Gloss or matte finish is possible.
125,00 €
High Quality Roll-up with any artwork on 85 x 200 cm impenetrable by light 610 g Blockout material. Includes stand and the mechanism as well as a handy transport bag. Click here to see a few examples of roll-ups.
105,00 €
27C-series EPROM chip with Game or Sound data. For example, a patched WMS Game ROM with new lamp driver that prevents some LEDs from flickering.
8,00 €
For a complete price list, please click here.

Xianek's Club

 If you are interested in the things I do, or would like to collaborate on a project, you can join my club via Slack. Be sure to say "hello" to @Xianek when you join. There are some amazing things inside hidden from the outside world. It's my house. It's my rules. Be my guest.

If you have been invited, you can join me at Slack by clicking here, or by clicking on the Slack logo above. If you have not been invited, you are also welcome if you promise to behave yourself.

To use Slack, you do not need to install anything. It works over the web. However, they also have a great app that may be easier to use for some of you. If you don't know what Slack is, you can read about it here.

If you have problems with Slack, please check the minimum requirements.

Please note that my main language is English and Polish, but I learn German every day. For my German I use a translator program. Sometimes it translates "Sie" when I mean "Du".

Xianek's Pinball Collection

Attack From Mars Remake Limited
Chicago Gaming Company
Avengers Infinity Quest Pro
Baby Pac-Man
Black Knight SoR Limited
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Cirqus Voltaire
Creature From The Black Lagoon
Dr. Dude & his Excellent Ray
Elvira's House of Horrors Premium
Family Guy
Fish Tales
Iron Maiden Premium
Iron Man (VE 2020)
Jurassic Park Premium
No Good Gofers
Monster Bash Remake Limited
Chicago Gaming Company
Mousin' Around!
Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man Pinball
Party Zone
Revenge From Mars
Road Show
Scared Stiff
Swords of Fury
Terminator 2
The Big Lebowski
Dutch Pinball
The Machine: Bride of Pin·Bot
The Wizard of Oz YBR Limited
Jersey Jack Pinball
Twilight Zone
Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Jersey Jack Pinball

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Translite (backlight 275 g) → 35
Translite (multilayered PET G) → 75
Backglass (multilayered tempered glass) → 170 € or more
Speaker Panel (2 mm polycarbonate) → 50
Cabinet Decal Set → 125
1 mm HIPS Mirror Blades (Silver, Gold, or Black Gloss) → 60
0,8 mm Polished Steel Mirror Blades (Silver) → 60